Idris Elba Gold Documentary Features Abtin, A Jewellers Owner

Idris Elba Gold Documentary Features Abtin, A Jewellers Owner

Watch: Abtin, A Jewellers Owner, Features in New Gold Documentary Presented By Idris Elba

Produced by The World Gold Council, this new documentary, presented by Idris Elba explores everything about gold, how it has changed over time, how it affects current societies and everything in between. During the documentary, Idris speaks with A Jewellers' owner Abtin Abbasi about how gold jewellery first took off in the hip-hop scene and how the precious metal makes for great investment opportunities. Abtins expertise within the industry and huge success in the world of celebrity jewellery sheds light on how gold jewellery entered the music scene.

We highly recommend you check out the documentary, it's eye-opening and answers some incredible questions in the world of gold and jewellery. You can watch the whole film here on the World Gold Council's YouTube channel. You can find the segment where Abtin speaks with Idris about gold from 58:30 onwards.

You can also find more information and the full documentary on the World Gold Council's website, here,

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